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Smart Flooring as a Service

"While individuals may rarely interact with a building's ceiling, their constant connection with the floor is undeniable. The floor stands as the ultimate medium for connectivity and engagement.”

Experience the benefits of Smart Flooring

Intechfloor excels in developing innovative and sustainable smart flooring solutions, leveraging technical expertise to create intelligent, adaptive options for diverse applications.

  • Floor Sensor Data Analysis: Our algorithms analyze floor sensor data to detect patterns, anomalies, and potential issues, facilitating improvements in operational efficiency, accident prevention, and optimized resource allocation.…

  • Predictive Maintenance: Analyzing sensor data and historical trends enables proactive maintenance scheduling, minimizing downtime, and enhancing asset utilization.

  • Space Utilization Optimization: Our floor sensors track movement and occupancy, offering insights for optimizing space, improving workflow efficiency, and enhancing occupant satisfaction.

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Innovative solutions accessible to all

Our innovative solutions are designed to provide data without the need for expertise or advanced knowledge.

People Tracking Excellence

  • Mat 2.0 excels in precise people counting and flow measurement, offering real-time tracking across various applications. Its modular design, intelligent features, and embedded processing empower businesses in optimizing space and improving customer experiences with instant insights into foot traffic and wait times.

Leak Detection Mastery

  • Our cutting-edge floor-embedded leak detection sensors offer unparalleled precision, allowing real-time detection and tracking of leaks. With a modular design and intelligent functionality, these sensors serve various applications, enabling proactive leak identification and minimizing damage for enhanced safety.

Discover our Solutions
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